Social impact

What We Do:

Today, more than 3 billion people worldwide live on less than $2.50 a day, and the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ continues to grow. Even in the world’s wealthiest countries, cities are often criss-crossed by fault lines of poverty and dislocation. Bain’s social impact work focuses on providing pathways out of poverty and dislocation for these vulnerable communities.

Our social impact work is focused on addressing two critical issues, aligned to the passions and experiences of our people:

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    Improving the futures of underserved children and youth:

    We work with innovative education nonprofits and school systems to create better opportunities for underserved students to lead choice-filled lives.

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    Fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth:

    We partner with organizations that leverage the power of markets and business enterprise models to create jobs, fuel income growth and improve the quality of life for the world’s poor. In tandem with these efforts, we work with our corporate clients to embed sustainability into the core of their business strategy and operations, recognizing that companies increasingly have to do good in order to do well.

Social impact work is a core part of the Bain DNA—in fact, more than 70% of Bain employees are involved, whether it is through formal casework, "Extra 10%" projects, externships or grassroots affinity groups. Bainies are passionate about making a difference, and work together to drive broad, enduring social change.

To learn more about our unique approach to social impact, visit our Social Impact site.

To learn more about our commitment to the environment, read our Environmental Policy.