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As data is increasingly stored, shared, and extracted, analytics engines become increasingly sophisticated, utilising (Big-) data sets, often from different sources to predict, draw insights and support decisions
Services to record, present, and transfer data, are becoming increasingly mobile and connected to other devices
Proliferation of digital portals/exchanges that stage and integrate data for information, analyses, planning, connectivity or collaboration
Data interactions create exponential growth in innovation; Adoption cycles shorten as frequent innovation becomes the 'new normal'
Companies begin to digitize 'standard' business processes previously made by paper, in-person or by workers
Healthcare: Remote devices enable virtual trials, allowing faster data collection and rapid iteration
Industrial goods and services: General Electric uses 10,000 Internet-enabled sensors to collect data 24/7 and track production status in real time
Oil and gas: Smart grids assess resource usage and network performance in real time using more than 10,000 sensors
Retail: Bluetooth beacons track cell phones throughout stores and record the path to purchase to optimize store layout
Retail: Amazon's Dash Button automatically reorders favorite items when a customer runs low
Healthcare: Open-source research platforms enable e-development of drugs
Automotive: Open-source 3-D printing platforms will revolutionize the spare-parts market, reducing necessary on-hand inventory
Technology: Waze uses real-time data from cell phones to assess traffic and road conditions, and make route recommendations
Healthcare: Patients access disease and treatment information via Google and patient networks
Financial services: Banks can use web-search data to target consumers with loans as they consider large purchases
Industrial goods and services: Aircraft manufacturers use nondestructive testing to simulate crashes and stress conditions, saving millions
Automotive: Auto manufacturers use advanced analytics to calibrate driverless cars, so they can navigate complex roads
Logistics: UPS cuts carbon emissions and saves on fuel by using ORION software for route optimization
Consumer products: Retailers of packaged goods use advanced analytics to improve pricing decisions, based on forecasts of commodity prices
Media: Netflix uses analytics not only to optimize recommendations and trailers offered to customers, but also to inform investment decisions
Tech/Consumer products: Game manufacturers like Xbox use feedback from pre-purchasers to de-risk future sales and fine-tune game development
Oil and gas: Machine learning enables predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
Automotive: Tesla delivers its "Autopilot" function to its full fleet of existing cars via wireless software update
Retail: Amazon is designing drones that will use GPS data to deliver products directly to customers' doorsteps
Consumer products: General Electric is using new virtual reality technology from Oculus to engage with customers
Pharmaceuticals: Breakthrough robot Eve is capable of screening new drugs with almost no human intervention
Automotive: Toyota automates delivery of parts and subassemblies to optimize its manufacturing process
Retail: Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, whose robots speed order fulfillment
Equipment: John Deere's online platform allows customers to configure tractors to meet their needs
Sales & Marketing
Technology: Companies can buy ads using automated ad exchanges based on real-time bidding
Automation and digitalization of workflows
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Advanced analytics
How will digital disruption reshape your organization and its supporting operations?
Innovation acceleration
The basic value chain for companies in most industries has not changed much over the years
How will digital disruption transform your engagement with your customers?
But now, digital disruption is hitting different industries in different ways
Financial Services: Banks can use web-search data to target consumers with loans as they consider large purchases
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