Customer Loyalty and Net Promoter System®

Why Bain:

  • Bain invented the Net Promoter System and we continue to be the thought leaders and innovators in how companies earn customer loyalty and inspire employees.
  • More than a decade of proven experience building loyalty-leading companies across both B2C and B2B industries.
  • Bain offers you unparalleled analytic and organizational tools to help you build your Net Promoter System, and our proprietary Results Delivery® approach to ensure that your change to a customer-centric culture endures.


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    Customer advocacy

    Develop customers who stay longer, spend more, contribute suggestions and sing your company’s praises to friends and colleagues.

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    Employee advocacy

    Have employees who love working for you convey that passion and enthusiasm to your customers and work as self-directing, self-correcting teams.

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    Improved customer experience

    Elicit regular customer feedback at the frontline and executive levels, allowing you to rapidly and continuously improve your customer experience.

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    Thought leadership

    Our NPS Loyalty Forum offers you access to the best practices and latest thinking of executives and leading Net Promoter practitioners.

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    Vendor selection

    Choose the vendors that best meet your needs, knowing that you can rely on our experience working with dozens of independent vendors that support all aspects of the Net Promoter System.

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