Why Bain:

  • We have an unmatched understanding of pricing strategy, with a proven track record of results: Our work with B2B and B2C companies globally and across industries exceeds 1,000 pricing projects in the last decade alone.
  • Our world-class approach takes you from discovery to action with Bain Pricing Capability X-Ray, a capability assessment benchmarked against more than 1,700 companies; with our rapid diagnostic you can identify your opportunities across 16 primary value drivers and defined initiatives that target the highest-ROI areas.
  • We customize our battle-tested analytics and tools to screen for price potential, identify price leakage, uncover unjustified price variability and assess your internal pricing capabilities.
  • The Bain Pricing Navigator offers you a powerful, industry-leading software tool you can use to continuously assess and adjust pricing based on performance.
  • We’re thought leaders on the most pressing pricing issues, including digital and dynamic pricing, incenting your front-line to get the right price, operating model and more.
  • We bring expertise in critical related areas to pricing, including Customer Strategy & Marketing (Bain B2B Commercial Excellence, Bain Offering Management, Customer Insights and Segmentation), Strategy (Bain Corporate Strategy and Business Unit Strategy), Performance Improvement (Bain Zero-Based Budgeting) and Organization (Bain Zero-Based Redesign).


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    Sustainable profits

    Raise your profit margin by 350–500 basis points, sustainably—with 100–200 basis points typically achieved within 12 months.

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    Fast, outstanding value

    Our pricing projects have consistently paid for themselves in less than a year.

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    Rapid response

    Respond rapidly and systematically to changes in the marketplace.

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    Clear vision

    Rally your leadership behind a clear and coherent pricing strategy.

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    Develop the process and analytical capabilities you need to keep improving.

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