What We Offer:

  • Bain Operating Model helps you clarify where and how critical work gets done in the organization in service of your overall strategy.
  • Bain Zero-Based Redesign is a onetime, blank-sheet approach that transforms your operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, reveal digital opportunities and unlock massive savings.
  • Bain Decide & Deliver assesses your company’s decision-making capabilities and positions you to make consistently effective decisions going forward.
  • Bain Agile Enterprise helps you identify the work best suited to adaptive innovation and progressively rewire your organization to achieve project success rates four to six times higher than non-Agile competitors.
  • Bain Talent Builder helps you define your long-term talent needs, develop a talent strategy to meet them and build the right systems to deliver on it.
  • Bain Winning Culture helps your company define its purpose and core values, then inspire and reinforce the behaviors that deliver extraordinary lasting results.
  • Bain Org Navigator is Bain's diagnostic tool to help clients assess and identify how to improve their organizational performance.


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Our perspective

An effective organization can give companies the edge that sets them apart from the competition. The payoff can be significant: Our research has shown that high performers report total shareholder returns nearly six percentage points higher and their employees are far more likely to recommend the company as a place to work—a powerful indicator of engagement. The secret: decisions. The best performers make better decisions, make them more quickly and execute them more effectively. And they don't spend too much or too little effort in the process.

Bain has a comprehensive tool kit and team of global experts to help companies break down organizational barriers and address decision inefficiencies to get to high performance. Working jointly with our clients, we start with a focus on which decisions matter most to overall performance. Small, everyday decisions can matter as much as big strategic ones. We then build integrated organizational systems that are explicitly geared to support these key decisions. We go beyond the "hard" issues of structure, roles and processes to addresses the "soft" elements such as people, behaviors and culture.

Our ultimate objective is to embed new capabilities and repeatable processes so that people at all levels can decide and deliver, again and again.