Organizational Design & Operating Model

Why Bain:

  • We work closely with you as partners, customizing our proven approach to your company’s unique needs.
  • Our experience in operating model includes a variety of situations ranging from strategic realignment to cost reduction to merger integration.
  • We have deep experience and expertise: Bain has assisted our clients on more than 2,700 organizational design projects since 2000.
  • Bain is a thought leader on major operating model topics and new ways to unleash productivityfor instance, see our recent book Time, Talent, Energy.


  • Organizational Design & Operating Model

    Robust strategic foundation

    Assess organizational strengths and weaknesses, align on design principles, and shape your organization design choices to match your strategic priorities.

  • Organizational Design & Operating Model

    Better performance and engagement

    Improve in both business performance (e.g., decision velocity, allocation of human and financial capital resources) and employee engagement.

  • Organizational Design & Operating Model

    Mobilization and change management

    Develop the capabilities to deliver the new operating model and mitigate risks with our proprietary Results Delivery® approach.

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