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Bain has worked with clients across all major machinery sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Construction and farm equipment
  • Industrial automation and controls
  • Electrical distribution
  • Energy equipment (including fossil and renewable energy equipment)
  • Building and residential automation
  • Water and wastewater equipment

The world’s leading producers of machinery, equipment, systems and controls are navigating several challenges—some old and some new. The industry has always been cyclical, and new challenges have emerged with shifts in demand from mature to developing markets, sharpened global competition from low-cost producers and volatility in raw material prices.

Relying on acquisitions to enter new adjacent markets has become more complicated with competition over scarce assets coming from both rival firms and private equity buyers. For many companies, the far-reaching decisions they must make about their product portfolios, customer acquisition strategies and global manufacturing footprints come around once in a generation. We believe that it has never been more important to develop a clear understanding of the company’s full portfolio, including how to draw on core products and capabilities. In an industry often confronting low-cost producers, it has become critical to bring a CEO mindset to managing the company’s integrated cost structure—aligning strategy, organization, systems and processes, and culture to optimize manufacturing assets, reduce complexity, manage purchasing and supply chains, and design efficient SG&A support models.