Technology Technology can be both a force multiplier and a dangerous disruptor. It's easy to focus on the opportunities or the threats, but the key is to examine both and ask: "Which technological changes should we focus on to ensure we are 'future makers' and not 'future takers'?"
In some industries, uncertainty is a familiar theme. For others, it's not top of mind, but should be. Which uncertainties define your strategic choices in a complex world?
Customer Every market has a group of customers that are more lucrative than others, and the companies that attract them command the highest margins. Where on this wheel are you vulnerable to challengers who seek to hijack your most valuable customers, and where are you most at risk as customer preferences change?
Macro Traditional strategy emphasizes analyzing trends and making forecasts, often grounded in socioeconomic and political trends. Yet a robust and responsive strategy dives a level below broad economic indicators. Which macro trends pose the most vital uncertainties for your company?
Ecosystem It's tempting for incumbents to become complacent about rules of the game that they helped write, but the results can be catastrophic for companies that don't see changes coming. Take a deep, hard look at your competitors, regulators and even your partners: Can you rely on them to continue playing by the same rules?
A strategy for thriving in uncertainty August, 2015
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