Wi-Fi Cost Estimator
Number of locations:
Area per location:
Unit of measurement:
Wireless coverage:
Type of usage:
Number of concurrent users
per location:

Wireless coverage types

Base: Good coverage, some dark spots

Seamless data: Stable data stream while moving

Seamless data and voice: Stable voice and data streams while moving

Geo-location (within 5-8 ft/1.5-2.5 m): Ability to identify customer location. Includes seamless data and voice

Types of usage

Basic Web: Browsing and email, limited multimedia

Typical streaming: Browsing and moderate multimedia use (e.g., YouTube)

Heavy media: Full video-streaming services

Functionality included
Wall to wall wireless
Dark spots in coverage
Seamless data coverage
Seamless voice coverage
Geo-location precision
Maximum area per AP
# of APs per location
Bandwidth speed
Bandwidth per user (Mbps)

1st year's bandwidth expense

Full cost of bandwidth. Cost will vary by location and other factors (e.g., degree of rurality, local provider, and bandwidth and technology already in place).

Hardware cost per location
Labor expense per location
One-time expense per location
1st year's bandwidth expense per location
Total expense per location
Total expense
(all locations)

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